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If you love a squishy type pillow and you travel a lot then the Moshi pillow may just be what you’ve been searching for.  Originally imported from Japan but now has made its way into the hearts and households of millions of Americans.  It’s just small enough to take on planes, buses, trains and automobiles. The large variety of shapes, color and sizes makes it right for even the most discriminating sleeper.

The squishy sound is due to the thousands of beads that are used to stuff Moshi pillows.  The beads react and adjust depending on the pressure being applied by the user.  The casing is normally available in a towel-like textured polyester or a nylon soft material known as lycra.  This makes Moshi pillows soft to touch and welcomed delight to your skin.

Because of the large variety of colors that the Moshi pillows now come in they can be coordinated with the almost any décor in your home, even if your trying to match curtains, furniture or artwork.  You will only be limited by your creativity as the pillow shapes also come in oval, round and triangular.

If you really feel that you are a trendsetter you can be a little more bold and purchase one of the pillows that are shaped like boxing gloves or a pair of luscious red lips, these also transpose into pretty good sleeping companions.  Don’t be afraid to go out on the limb a bit.  Your friends may be willing to follow suit if you take the first step.

The quality of the material is excellent.  You can get these pillows at stores like Bed, Bath and Beyond or by shopping on the Internet.  They are so inexpensive you may as well pick up a few in a variety of colors and shapes.  If you’re looking for a good sleeping pillow that’s just the right size the Moshi Neckroll is a your best bet.  It’s not too bulky and can be just the thing you needed for a good nights sleep and rid yourself of neck, shoulder and back pain.

This is a good time to include you kids in your pillow shopping spree because children love the Moshi pillows.  How could they not love them when they come shaped like all sorts of animals, soccer balls and basketballs?  The Moshi pillow is stylish and very practical.  Who said you had to give up style for comfort?