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For support of the spine or neck, microbead pillows are a light weight and comfortable option. They come in various sizes and shapes, for many different uses. Products used to support the neck can be u-shaped or resemble a more typical version. The main feature of these items is their ability to mold to your body, which helps keep it in alignment.

Microbead tube pillows,also called bolsters, are ideal for camping or traveling. The thin, round shape allows them to be taken in the care or easily packed with other gear. These items are typically made of a polyester spandex outer covering, which allows you to breath and helps keep the skin cool while sleeping. Many microbead cushions have a removable cover that can be washed. The tiny pieces used inside are made of recycled material that easily pops back into shape when not in use.

Microbead pillows are used as therapeutic devices for those with neck or low back pain. They provide gentle support while allowing the spine to stay in its natural position. Large microbead pillows can be used for back pain in more than one area or simply as an extra support while sleeping. They make a great device for occasional back strain due to overuse or uncommon activities.

Sports microbead pillows are used to provide comfort and also for relieving stress, by punching or squeezing them. They are typically 10 inches by 10 inches, which is the perfect size for a quick nap or for tossing around. The same spandex outer covering is used, with a logo of a professional sports team in the center. The same polystyrene pieces are used inside.

Longer microbead body pillows are useful in a variety of sleeping situations, to help support the legs, knees, lower back or the neck. Many are large enough to support more than one area. While these items are very versatile, they possess some added health benefits as well.

Typical products that contain feathers or down can cause problems for those with allergies. The polystyrene pieces that mold and pop back into shape are hypoallergenic, so they can be used by allergy sufferers and those with asthma, as an alternative to standard products. Because they support the neck the way it should be, they can help open up nasal passages, which may reduce snoring in many people.

Many of the products are machine washable, though not all brands make this claim. If you find microbead pillows in the style you like, make sure to read the care instructions. For those products that are not machine washable, the outer cover may still wiped off with a damp cloth. Because the inner pieces are made with recycled products, they are more environmentally friendly than other cushions or support devices.

The various products come in many different solid colors. Some are available in leopard or zebra prints as well. Prices range from $25 for the smaller sizes, to $60 for the largest items. When you consider the benefits of proper support and possibly reducing snoring, this is an excellent value.