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Meditation Pillows

meditation pillowsMeditation pillows have very recently become popular. Meditation pillows are not your ordinary pillows. These pillows are designed to give you the best out of a meditation session.

It is pointless to get into deep meditation while sitting on a hard surface which makes it painfully hard to concentrate and reach the purest peak of Buddhist enlightenment and peace.

There are so many different types of popular meditation pillows and cushions that are the market today.

Generally cushions must be selected with your meditation postures in mind. The Zafu meditation pillows is specially made for the lotus and half lotus sitting practices. When sitting on the front edge, you can experience the thrilling sensation of your legs becoming one with your spine in a truly pleasurable way.

The horseshoe shaped Cosmic Cushion is especially similar to Zafu meditation pillows and is designed to give support to the thighs in a manner which leaves room for a comfort zone to be exploited by the ankles and feet.