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Are you fed up with pillows that claim to have a therapeutic effect providing you with comfort and neck pain relief?  One of the most advertised pillows that boast such claims is the memory foam therapeutic neck pillow.  It’s often touted as the pillow of choice where neck and back pain relief are concerned.  This may be because you haven’t been introduced to the Mediflow Waterbase pillow.

One of the first things that jumps out and separates this pillow from the memory foam pillow is that the waterbase pillow can easily be adjusted for the ideal firmness you desire, tailored perfectly to the shape of your head.  It’s one of few pillows that is completely adjustable for the perfect support.

The Medflow Waterbase pillow consistently ranks among the top sleeping pillows for neck support.  Not many pillows on the market provide such customizable support.  The amount of firmness can easily be controlled by the amount of water that you place inside, if you sleep better with a softer pillow then just reduce the amount of water you put in the pillow.  How often have you been in complete control of how firm the pillow is that you sleep on?