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So what is it exactly that makes a maternity body pillow a great one? Pregnancy pillows among other things assist pregnant women in sleeping more comfortably, helps prevent leg cramping and is most beneficial towards the third trimester of pregnancy. With many options out there, the Snoozer Body Pillow is one of a kind and has many benefits.

The Snoozer Body Pillow gets a 5 star rating from many users with almost no complaints. First off, this item is a full body pillow and allows the user to move and be comfortable in many different sleeping positions. Its pillow case is completely removable making it easy when it comes to washing it.

Instead of using all different pillows spread throughout the bed, the Snoozer Body Pillow takes the place of all of them. Instead of having 3 or 4 pillows and always trying to move to achieve maximum comfort, one pillow provides it without a hassle. It also allows you to sleep with the pillow under your head, while it gives support to your lower body and legs.