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Many expectant mothers have trouble sleeping at night because their belly’s full, their back aches and they have a full bladder.  Introducing the maternity body pillow that provides you with relief you need so that you can get a good night’s sleep.

The pregnancy body pillow allows adequate support for both your head and neck while sleeping on your side like most doctors recommend.  To support side sleeping it’s important to have support between your thighs and your ankles.  You also need support in front and behind you which makes it very easy for you to switch to either side.

The pregnancy body pillow supports you from head to toe and on both sides of your body.  It provides a soothing cocoon of comfort unmatched by other pillows.  The body pillow is versatile enough to adapt to a number of positions whether you are relaxing while reading a book or using it as a feeding station after your baby is born.

It supports you while you’re on your knees or it can help prop you up while watching TV or traveling in a car.  It comes in regular and petite sizes and also has a variety of pillowcases in different colors and fabrics such as lace, cotton or jersey.  These pillowcases can be easily removed, are machine washable and hypoallergenic.  The zipper cover also allows you to insert either a hot or cold pack exactly where you want it.

If you are pregnant and tossing and turning all through the night you deserve to treat yourself right.  A good maternity body pillow is something you can use every single day so don’t skimp on your pillow, invest in the best your money can buy.

When you’re not able to sleep at night the anxiety only compounds your sleeplessness.  That’s not the best care for you or your unborn child.  You can avoid looking at the clock every night wondering what time it is with the right pillow under your head..  When you invest in the right pregnancy body pillow you can simply close your eyes at night, concentrate on your breathing and enjoy a good nights sleep and be in dreamland in no time at all.

Every mother-to-be is anxious enough about all of the unknowns involved in having a baby without having to worry about how they’re going to get a good night’s sleep.  To ease your anxieties confide in your partner and read up on how body pillows have assisted other pregnant women just like you.