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Most back pain is the result of poor workplace design, inadequate physical fitness, smoking and poor posture. A Lumbar support pillow forces you into maintaining a better posture and this will inevitably lead to a straighter spine and less lower back pain.

Americans tend to be a lot less physically active these days and much of your time is spent sitting around a computer each day punching on a keyboard.  No one is there to enforce you to maintain good posture like your teacher did when you were in school so you tend to slump in your chair.

Lifestyle habits are also a big contributor to back pain.  Inactivity makes the body become much weaker, less flexible and out of shape.  Most people are forced to drive to work by car rather than walk and then they sit sedentary in a chair the entire day.

A lumbar support pillow is a one of the best ways to guarantee that you back remains in the proper position throughout the day.   Although lumbar pillows are most often marketed to help alleviate back pain many people also use it as a neck pillow as well.

A lumbar pillow is light and very portable is specially designed to support the curvature in your back and to ensure your posture remains correct.  The pillows are best used by someone who tends to sit in one position for hours on end.  Sitting for prolonged hours tends to make your lower back muscles ache which eventually leads to a stiff back which causes lower back pain.

The lumbar support pillow is also a great product for the elderly.  Regular car seats are usually not too comfortable for people that are up in age.  If you find yourself having to drive your parents around a lot to the doctor or on long trips this cushiony pillow will help ease the pain on their backs.

The lumbar pillow provides just the right firmness and hits your back in just the right spot.  The pillow lets you sink in just enough while maintaining the just the right amount of support.

Make sure you choose the right size lumbar support pillow because it may not suit your body well if your weight is too heavy or you’re too tall.  If you’re over 6 feet tall the pillow may not hit your back in the right place and if you weigh over 200 pounds the cushion may not be wide enough to cover your entire back.

Overall the lumbar support pillow is a great buy and will definitely make a difference in the way that you feel.