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The role of a lumbar pillow is to provide adequate support to your skeletal and muscle structure of your lower back.  Having good lower back support lends itself to good posture as well as preventing future excruciating back pain.  Most often a lumbar support pillow is used when there is prolonged sitting such as sitting at a computer or while driving.

A lumbar pillow made with memory foam is one such pillow that helps to minimize and alleviate stress on the muscles in the lower back by cradling the lumbar region.  The great thing about lumbar pillows compared to other lumbar support devices is that they are light and portable.

With such portability you can use the pillow at home or at work.  It’s good to have lower back support whenever you plan to be in a seated position for an extended period of time.  Many people take their lumbar pillows to sporting events to help ease the seating on concrete or wooden bleachers.  These pillows make great traveling companions when traveling by car, train, bus or airplane.

Although the primary aim of a lumbar pillow is support your back many consumers find additional practical uses for the pillow.  For example, new mothers used them as support while nursing their child.  Other practical uses are support of the elbows, wrists, knees and forearms while playing video games or watching TV.  Many people overlook the importance of lumbar support which often leads to unnecessary damage to the musculature in the lumbar region.  When lower back pain is left unattended this causes excruciating pain and can eventually lead to the inability to walk and in very severe cases cause paralysis.

There are usually warning signs that you should pay attention to such as minor twinges of severe pain in your lower back.  If you feel chronic pain in the lower region of your back its a good ideal to be mindful as this could severely impact the quality of your life for many years to come.  A lumbar pillow can help to ensure your well being with a minimal investment. Having a device that literally forces you to have better posture while keeping your spine straight will help alleviate stress and lower back pain.  Unfortunately most people have no idea that their sitting position is incorrect which puts strain on their spine.

When used properly a lumbar pillow will usually alleviate all normal back problems and you won’t feel as tired as you normally do.  When the S curvature in your spine is properly supported your body’s weight is better distributed which eases the muscles in your back.  The pillows are available in both rectangular and cylindrical shapes.  The small size is great for portability whether positioning yourself on a sofa or on an airplane.  Because the lumbar support pillow can be used for extended periods of time they make sound investments and have proven to be a good value for the money spent.