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Lost Sleep – Can You Ever Get It Back?

lost sleep

Staying in bed on while on vacation or on your days off won’t make up for lost sleep.  Losing sleep is just like wasted time, once its gone there is no getting it back.

When you go for long periods of time without sleep your body builds up what is referred to as “sleep debt” which cannot be recovered by extra sleep later.

Sleep deprivation can eventually interfere with your ability to perform daily tasks especially if what you do requires a lot of focus.

The body’s natural tendency is to want to remain awake during the day and sleep at night.  Very few people are getting enough hours of rest at night Here are some strategies that you can use to make sure the you and the ones you love don’t suffer from lost sleep.

The first thing you should do is make sure your getting the right number of hours of sleep each night.  Just because your alarm goes off and you wake up feeling fine doesn’t mean your body has achieved proper rest.

If you’re use to sleeping only 3-4 hours each night your body may have become use to the sleep deprivation and think its normal.  On average you need 7-8 hours of sleep each night. Not getting proper rest will eventually lead to impaired judgment, your ability to think clearly, increased growth rate of tumors, daily stress, weight problems and a pre-diabetic state.

Avoid bedtime snack and sodas because they are usually high in sugars, which will raise your blood sugar level and impair your sleep quality.  Eating snack right before bed may create a hypoglycemic episode where your blood sugar drops too low causing you to wake up in the middle of the night without the ability to get back to sleep.

Make sure you wear a pair of warm socks to bed on colder nights.  Wearing a pair of warm socks has been shown to reduce your waking up at night.  Besides the feet will typically get cold before other parts of your body do.

Get to before midnight.  Most of the body rest and recovery is achieved between 11 am and 1 am.  Your body will need the recharging to be able to effectively meet tomorrow’s tasks.

Never set your body up for a debt it cannot repay.  Once sleep is lost its lost forever and there no amount of sleeping on the weekend that will make up for lost sleep.  When you persistently lose sleep it will take a toll on your body, mind and health.  You don’t have to take sleeping pills or prescription drugs to get a good nights sleep.  All you need to do is make sure you make a few lifestyle changes and you begin to sleep like a baby and have the most pleasant dreams.