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A leg wedge pillow is designed in a way that will allow you to put distance between your legs and keep them in a position that’s comfortable to you.  Many times after surgery your knees and legs are sore and you have difficulty falling asleep at night.

With a leg wedge pillow you can keep your legs from swelling and at the same time provide better circulation to your feet and legs.  In fact, if you are in recovery from any type of injury the wedge leg pillow is a great recovery tool to have on hand.

As the name suggests it will place a wedge between any swollen areas of your body including your legs, calves and feet.  It also will give your body parts the elevation it needs to prevent swelling and inflammation.

You’ll appreciate the hourglass shape of the pillow as the memory foam contours perfectly to shape of your body.  Comfort and elevation are key elements to your recovery after surgery.  When you’re able to sleep well your body will recover more rapidly.  Improved circulation through the use of a leg wedge pillow brings rich oxygen into your body and this means your body can produce new tissues to aid in recovery. 

The pressure on your back and hips is eliminated as the pillow helps to properly align your spine in the optimal position.  It’s flexible enough to move with you from side to side ensuring that you have uninterrupted sleep without the use of straps.

One of the major keys to postoperative care after is making sure you get a good night sleep.  It doesn’t matter if you love sleeping on your side in a fetal position with your legs close together or with your legs freely spread open this leg spacer pillow provides the comfort you need.

The soft cotton fabric makes it a great gift item for pregnant mothers who are advised to sleep on their sides during pregnancy.  The dual roles of both leg spacer and leg wedge is the perfect combination as pressure points in your lower extremities are kept minimized.

If you’ve been looking for a pillow that will help you recover from your leg injury and make you comfortable enough to sleep throughout the night you appreciate the support provided by the leg wedge pillow.

It’s 100% non-allergenic, uniquely shaped to help decrease leg numbness, helps to properly align your spine and improves your sleep quality.  This pillow will be soothing bed company to your legs, knees, thighs and back when they need it the most.  The importance of becoming healthier with the right pillow cannot be stressed enough.  This will be the best $25 you ever spent.

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