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If you’re considering buying a pregnancy pillow you might what to take a look at the Leachco body pillow which claims to be one of the best pregnancy pillow models on the market. A registered nurse is credited with designing this body pillow that is purports to eliminate many of the discomforts suffered by pregnant women. The intended goal is to help mothers-to-be get a comforting night’s rest. Comfort and support are too of the biggest challenges that pregnant women encounter during pregnancy.

The Leachco body pillow solves the problem of support by helping to align the hips while keeping the mother’s ankles and protruding belly properly supported.  The pillow is good for mothers who are trying to transition from sleeping on their back or bellies to the recommended side sleeping position.  It’s designed to naturally keep you on your side and improve your quality of deep sleep.  It hugs your entire body’s frame without the need for multiple pillows on your bed at night.  In fact, you rarely have to move the pillow if ever, it just always seems to be where you need it to be.

This body pillow accommodates growing belly sizes and also is an ideal pillow for mid afternoon naps or needed rest after light household cleaning.  The pillowcase has a removable and washable fabric and the pillow is also surprisingly large, commanding almost half the space on a queen size bed.  It won’t replace the spooning at night you get from your husband but it comes pretty close.  If your tired of being achey and stiff in the morning then its time to explore different pillow options.