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Did you know that the headrest you place under your head each night contributes to your overall health?  How?  Because not getting a good nights sleep adversely effects your overall productivity, vitality, and the levels of energy you experience during the day.

Part of the reason that you may not feel so rejuvenated during your waking hours is because you’ve lost so much sleep the night before.  There are many pillows you can sleep on and one that you may not have considered is a latex foam pillow.

A latex foam pillow is quite different from other pillows in that they are not as firm as memory foam and not as soft as natural fiber pillows.  The feel would be what you would refer to as bouncy or springy.  They require little to no maintenance and they can last for years.

When you’re head hits a latex pillow it doesn’t just seek in, instead the pillow cradles your neck and head just like a hammock would your body.  If you’ve been looking for a sleeping aid that naturally molds to the contours of your neck and head this may be the pillow that your body has been craving.