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You owe it to yourself and your body to have the best sleep quality possible and one way to do so is with a knee pillow especially if you’re a side sleeper.  You already know that you’ll spend on average one-third of life sleeping but have you ever given thought to how different your life could be if when you went to sleep you felt as though you were sleeping on clouds?

Sleeping in a position that feels unnatural or even worse on an uncomfortable mattress can lead to unwanted backaches and nagging headings that last for days.  This is especially true for mothers-to-be or arthritis sufferers.  The knee pillow helps take the pressure off your lower back, hips, ankles, lower back and spine while improving your circulation.

By placing the knee pillow between your knees while you sleep you rid yourself of aches and pains and wake up in the morning with a renewed vitality.  Gone is the uncomfortable feeling of placing one knee on top of the other as you now have a knee spacer to make sleeping on your side more comfortable.  Your body will greatly benefit when pressure has been removed from your lower back, hips and knees as you enjoy a good night’s sleep.