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A Kapok pillow is an organic pillow filled with kapok as an alternative to traditional or goose down pillows. This filler is created from the seed pods of kapok trees imported from the rain forests. Whether you have made the switch to an all organic lifestyle or simply need a good night’s sleep free of allergens, this is the ideal pillow for you.

With kapok fiber users are free of allergens found in goose feather pillows. Although goose feather pillows are also fluffy and luxurious they are prone to collect dust due to small holes caused by feather tips. This dust is then trapped inside the pillows. Dusty pillows are home to dust mites and other parasites which burrow into the skin. Kapok is sealed tightly into kapok pillows and will not accumulate dust or mites within its fibers.

A Kapok pillow come with a damask cover. Unlike traditional poly-blend, cotton, or plastic, damask is constructed of finely woven silk or linen. This breathable material allows air to pass through these pillows and prevent accumulation of moisture within the kapok fibers. Trapped moisture will lend to the growth of molds, with damask covers this is not a concern. Poly-blend and cotton are prone to hold in moisture. This moisture will lead to the growth of black mold which is danger in small quantities and fatal in large large amounts.