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For the ultimate comfort while sleeping, consider a Japanese pillow.  Also known as a Sobakawa, this item is filled with buckwheat hulls, which provide many benefits that feather or down products cannot offer. The name refers to the buckwheat hulls, which is how the item gets its name. Typically the size is 14 inches by 20 inches, which is a suitable size for a standard size case that comes with most bedding sets.

This item has been used in Asian countries for centuries, due to the comfort features. Unlike down, the hulls help keep the head cool during sleep, which is more relaxing and provides a more restful sleep. the small movable fibers allow air to pass through. This is a great feature for hot summer nights. In addition, hulls can often be added or removed, to provide the right amount of comfort for an individual.

While down is comfortable and supportive for the head and neck, buckwheat is also very supportive and gives with the pressure of one’s head. Ordinary products are an odd shape for supporting the head and neck. They can also lose their shape very quickly, while buckwheat hulls keep this product in great shape, night after night.