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The Isotonic pillow is loved because it’s contoured shape helps to properly position the neck to relieve stress and discomfort.  These pillows are typically made of the world famous memory foam.

If you’re looking to give your body the well-deserved sleep that it needs it’s worth taking a look at this durable 300 thread count hypoallergenic pillow.  The memory foam provides superior support while conforming to the curvature of your neck and relieves pressure points.

The Isotonic pillow is temperature sensitive and will adjust according to your body’s heat providing you with a cool equilibrium every night.  The contoured shape will remain supportive and adapt to almost any sleeping position whether you be a back or side sleeper.  The channel ventilation prevents the pillows from overheating at night

If you toss and turn every night due to head and neck pain you may consider investing in an isotonic pillow.  Your head, neck, back and shoulder pain can lead to major health risks in the future if it goes unattended.  The pillow you purchase should be specifically designed to address such issues.

No matter your sleeping position or where your aches and pains are the isotonic pillow will help reduce pain you currently experience during sleep.  If you already sleep fairly well at night the isotonic pillow will help to ensure you keep your body in the best possible position so you remain that way.

Isotonic pillows will generally be a bit more expensive than your standard pillows because of its therapeutic effects you experience while sleeping.  You can choose to buy a cheaper pillow, but it won’t help you get a good night’s sleep so why bother?  Why not shell out the extra bucks to guarantee you’re getting the best sleep you possibly can.

Yes, how much you spend on your pillow can often determine how effective it will be.  If a pillow is more expensive, generally speaking it is because it is made of materials of superior quality.  Spending a few extra bucks and investing in an isotonic pillow can mean the difference between you tossing and turning all night due to irritability and you being totally comfortable at night.

This three-position contour pillow was designed in such a way to be ideal for back, side or tummy sleepers.  The removable cover makes it easy for washing and helps to keep your memory foam spot clean.   Give yourself the gift that will allow you to wake up each morning feeling totally invigorated.