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Is The Sobakawa Pillow Any Good

is the sobakawa pillow any goodYou may be wondering is the Sobakawa pillow any good? If you wake up almost every morning with a still neck and a mild headache, chances are your pillow is the culprit.

The Sobakawa pillow is made to conform to the contour of your head so that your neck receives the right support.  The pillow is filled with natural buckwheat hulls that keeps the temperature of the pillow cool.

Sobakawa buckwheat pillows are great for headaches, especially migraines as well as overheating because you can stick the pillow in the refrigerator and use it as a cold pack.  Their excellent while sleeping, lying flat on the floor, working at the computer, watching TV or even while driving.  They put the memory foam pillows to shame.

The Sobakawa pillow provides much better support than those synthetic poly fill pillows.  The natural buckwheat gives your head the sturdy support you need to get a restful nights sleep.  No two spines are alike and the Sobokawa pillow conforms easily to any sleeping position.  Gone are the mornings of having a stiff neck and agonizing back pain.

If you like quality products that last a long time, the Sobakawa pillow is one of them.  A user can expect to get 8-10 years use out of one these pillows.  The light crunch of the buckwheat hulls may take some getting use to if you’re use to those puffy cotton and polyester pillows.  Once you’ve had it for awhile you won’t even notice the sound anymore.  It will be nearly impossible for you to return to your old pillows once you’ve had a chance to put a Sobakawa pillow under your head.

A good nights sleep is essential to your overall health and well-being.  A restful slumber can help with weight loss, lower stress, elevate moods, and increase overall productivity.  Selecting the perfect pillow contributes to a healthy sleep and decreases your muscles aches and pains by providing good support to your spine and neck while you sleep.

Is the Sobakawa pillow any good?  That really depends on whether you want to continue to toss and turn all night or sleep like a baby all through the night.  The Sobakawa pillow is the Orient pillow of choice and have been in use for over 300 years.  Over 70% of Asia uses the Sobakawa pillow today.