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There are thousands of pillows on the market today that you can choose from.  However, if you’re constantly sneezing, coughing and stuffy all the time chance are you need to buy a hypoallergenic pillow.  Allergies are a major cause of many people not being able to get proper rest at night.  The culprits are usually molds, dust mites and other allergens lurking in your pillow.  Anti-allergy pillows are one of the best ways to creating barriers that prevent the inhalation of dust mite feces.

Dust mites are invisible to the naked eye and are one of the things that cause your sneezing episodes at night.  With the right allergy relief pillow you can rid yourself of sneezing, coughing, stuffy nose and itchy watery eyes.  The best possible solution to decreasing your allergy episodes is to allergy proof your entire bedroom and investing in a hypoallergenic pillow is a good place to begin.  When you aren’t able to get adequate sleep it only makes your allergies worse and this affects your overall health.

Hypoallergenic pillows are designed to keep allergens such as dust mites from penetrating your pillow.  High thread count bedding with a cotton and polyester blend is quite effective in warding off dust mites.  They are more expensive but hold up much better through frequent washings plus they are much more comfortable sleep on and feel better to your skin.

Although down pillows are quite comfortable to sleep on they may be responsible for causing your allergic reactions and need replacing to help rid you of your symptoms.  Synthetic pillows are hypoallergenic and can be used as a good substitute if you’re use to sleeping on down pillows.  It’s also a good idea to wash your bedding a couple times a week in hot water using mild detergent absent of any dyes and perfumes to help with your itchy, scratchy and stuffy nose.  Frequent washing may cause you to have to replace your linen more often but this is a small price to pay given the fact that you’ll now be able to sleep peacefully all through the night.

It’s impossible to keep allergens from making it into your bedroom but the hypoallergenic pillow will help to minimize allergy attacks and the little critters won’t be so bothersome.  You can also purchase zipper front covers that can be easily slipped over your mattress and pillows that will also help to combat dust mites.  These covers are great because you don’t have to wash them as frequently and they are dust mite proof, dust proof, waterproof and breathable.

Allergy proofing your bedroom can be an expensive undertaking and when you’re on a limited budget and you only have the luxury of replacing one bed item, choose a hypoallergenic pillow because it is the thing that is closest to your head.  Allergists highly recommend mite-proofing your bedroom because these bed items are not only environment friendly but they also help keep the dust mites away from your nose, and eyes, so that you can breath easier and live healthier.