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Husband Pillow

husband pillowLadies if you’re single and get lonely at night while watching TV, the husband pillow may not exactly replace a real man lying next to you but it be the next best thing.

The husband pillow is also sometimes affectionately referred to as the the boyfriend pillow or bed rest pillow.
Despite the name is not only used by women and is designed to help prop you up while sitting on the bed or on the floor.

The husband pillow is surprisingly heavy at 7 lbs and can quite a task to maneuver from place to place easily if you are a person with a small build.  It’s not a squishy pillow but it very well made with it double-stitched seams and heavy fabric.

A husband pillow gives good back support and a ton of different uses such as a reading pillow, bed rest pillow, study pillow, video game pillow and of course a TV pillow.  Think of this pillow as an inexpensive back support system that will will allow you to sleep comfortably sitting up.  It’s a high quality hypoallergenic back support pillow that does the trick.

For those lazy Sunday afternoons after church and a good home cooked dinner, the husband pillow is the ideal companion along with a good novel or the latest blockbuster movie.  Some more expensive bed rest pillow models include cup holder and pockets for magazines etc.

The husband pillow is not only practical but very functional as well.  It’s sturdy allowing for maximum support and its comfortable which helps for extended use.  You don’t have to be faced with the annoyance of slipping down in your bed as you attempting to read your book.

The idea is to have the reading pillow in your bedroom if you don’t have an armchair.  This way you can give your lower back the support that it needs all the while sitting in your bed.  Many college students have also found these pillows are great to use while cramming for one of those late night exams.  The pillow also provides comfortable elevation during sleep and makes breathing easier for someone who may need this type of assistance.

It’s plain, it practical, it’s heavy, it’s bulky and it works.  If you’re looking for a pillow that doesn’t come with much fanfare but just simply does what is was designed to do then look no further.  The husband pillow is not fancy at all and for a price point of less than $20 you shouldn’t expect it to be.