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How To Wash Pillows

how to wash pillowsOkay, so you change the linens on your bed regularly, you use chemical treatment to protect your mattress, all of this likely to keep the place you sleep clean and disinfected, but you have no idea how to wash pillows!

After all one must admit that the their bed linens are the closest thing to their underwear when it comes to the coziness they both share with the naked contours of the humans body.

Your pillow case likely protects your pillow a great deal, however most popular pillow case materials allow the bleeding of face makeup, dirt, and oil onto the pillow itself. So how do you go about washing your pillows?

Naturally the first place to look for instructions on how to wash your pillow is on the pillow’s tag. Always remember to follow the manufacturer’s specific instructions for the care and handling of your pillows. The manufacturer truly knows best in this case, and it is wise counsel to follow the instructions provided on the aforementioned tag.

Now, should the pillow be missing it’s tag, it’s time to take matters into our own hands. Like the default driving speed of 25 miles per hour, there are default washing instructions for your bed pillows, when you don’t otherwise know better, are as follows:

Start your pillow on the delicate cycle – This will ensure your pillows are handled with kid gloves while tumbling through the wash. You want to remember to treat the material in your pillows delicately at all times, this will keep them fresh and lively, for a longer life, and to help to protect your budget.

Wash your pillows in hot water – This will help to kill the bacteria that builds up on and bleeds through your pillow cases and onto your pillow.

Rinse cycle repeat - At this step it’s important to remember to run your pillows through repeated cycles of the rinse cycle. This will help bleed the absorbing pillow of any soap that may be trapped inside.

Spin cycle repeat – Just like the Rinse Cycle Repeat you’ll want to run your pillows through repeated cycles of the spin cycle. This will help remove the absorbing pillow of any water that may be trapped inside.

Tennis Balls or New Sneakers - Put your pillows into the dryer with a pair of new or clean shoes or even try a few tennis balls. This will help to fluff the pillow while it tumbles, preventing the dreaded ‘lumping’ of the inside materials.

Remove the pillows when dry and there you have a simply process on how to wash pillows.