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Discover How To Sleep Better at Night

sleep betterThere are many techniques that you can use if you truly desire to learn how to sleep better. In this article we will give you 4 sure fire tips that will definitely help cure your insomnia when implemented   One of the best ways on how to sleep better is learning to do specific exercises to help your mind and body relax right before bedtime.  You can do this by progressively tensing and relaxing your muscles while you lie in bed at night.

You can start at either end of your body and work your way up to the other end.  You want to make this process as elaborate as you can imagine helping induce sleep.  Feel your body’s muscles clench and then release.  Feel how the covers caress your body.  You can also imagine a large wave of relaxation moving down your body from head to toe.  To make the muscle relaxation technique more intense give the wave a sound, color and a temperature.  The more real you can make this technique come alive in your mind the better results you will get as you learn how to sleep better.