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How to Make a Pillow Case

How to Make a Pillow Case

These are going to be some quick tips on how to make a pillow case. You will first of all need a set of special materials before you start.

The items are as follows:

  1. Spool of thread.
  2. A good sewing needle.
  3. Scissors.
  4. Two pieces of the fabric of your choosing in the size of your choosing.
  5. Sewing Machine (optional).

Now if you have all of these products which can be found at most super centers like Walmart, Target and K Mart, crafting stores such as The Hobby Lobby or Joanne’s Fabrics. Now to begin the process of making your pillowcase.

Step 1.  Thread your needle with an appropriately estimated length. Double threading a needle is often helpful when putting something like a pillow case together. This involves pulling the thread to the needle’s eye about halfway through the thread, doubling it and tying a good, tight, and firm knot in the thread at the top and letting the needle hang down the middle almost as if you were making a necklace and the pendant was hanging in the middle.

Step 2.  Lay your fabric out straight and flat on the table.

Step 3.  Measure your fabric and find the middle point long wise.

Step 4. Cut slowly and carefully with your scissors right down the middle. Place one piece of fabric perfectly symmetrical on top of the other.

Step 5.  Create a hem for both pieces of the fabric by sewing a fold on the ends (Note : Remember to keep the hem perfectly even.

Step 6. Begin to join the two hems together you have made by sewing them together in a perfectly straight stitch. You may want to make sure that each time you stitch the fabric that you give it a firm stitch but not too tight unless you are ruffling the ends.

Note that there are some alternate directions that will be listed here for the optional use of a a sewing machine.

Step 1.  Set up your machine in preparation for sewing.

Step 2.  Align your fabric in preparation to be sewed.

Step 3.  Create the folds you would use for a hem.

Step 4.  Join together the fabric by using your sewing machine. It may be necessary to keep in mind that all of the steps can be different and some of the items depending on what color, shape, or size you desire for your pillow case to be.

Listed here are only just the simple steps on how to make a pillow case.