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Whether you have an office in your home or have to drive to your office everyday do you find yourself sitting in chair that strains your back?  Most people may describe their office chairs as being comfortable enough but I doubt that you’d ever hear the words soothing, intoxicating, or relaxing unless they were using a HoMedics pillow in their chair.

Why not make something you do everyday a pleasant experience?  Because the HoMedics pillow is portable you could easily use it in your office chair while buring the midnight oil or while lounging on the couch watching a movie with your family.

HoMedics is known for making quality and long lasting products and the Shiatsu pillow lives up to their claims.  Essentially what this heated massage pad does for your back is melt away all the stress and pain encountered throughout your day.

The rolling balls hit just the right spot and the versatility of the pillow allows it be placed anywhere on the body, including your feet and calves.  It can even help with those tension headaches as well.  Instead of spending your money on one of those expensive massage chairs that are not nearly as customizable why not give the HoMedics pillow a try.

Sometimes the rolling tension may be a bit too strong  on certain areas of the body, so just wrap a towel around the pillow and bring a little gentleness to your massage.  If you’re looking for something that gets deep into those knots in your back, look no further than this pillow massager for back pain relief.

Are you tired of those chiropractic or massage therapist visits that are not providing you any relief to your aching muscles?  If you’re looking for a massage pillow that will pay for itself many times over the Homedics pillow may be just the thing.

Whether you find yourself trapped at your office or simply reclining on the sofa with a good book you deserve to do so in a comfortable and relaxing environment.  Owning one of these pillows is like having your own personal massage therapist without the hourly rate.  Also, if you want a really firm massage just put more body pressure against the Homedics pillow.

Make sure you pick up one for your partner or yours might just come up missing.  You can’t beat the price and for such a low price they make excellent Christmas  or birthday gifts for the entire family.