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Happy Nappers

Happy Nappers have become one of the most sought after kids toys around the world and you can’t just walk in your local toy store and pick up one of these babies. They are only available online and be sure to watch out for all of the pretenders and knockoffs. Pick them up at the official Happy Nappers website. The reason we feature them here is because they are a hybrid of a toy and a pillow all rolled into one and we’re a pillow site of course.

These little pillows remind me of another very popular toy – Transformers because these stuffed animals transform in to soft comfortable pillows right before your very eyes. Are you having trouble getting your little one to fall asleep at night or take a nap during the day? Well, place one of these pillows in his/her play area watch their eyes light up and you’ll little trouble getting them to bed down.

There are currently 6 Happy Nappers pillows to choose from and more are on the way. There’s not a kid who doesn’t fall in love with these pillows once they see them. Children are always looking to be entertained and Happy Nappers are just the thing that can put and keep a smile on their face all day long. Imagine having these toys in your child’s play box as you traverse on those long trips across the country or an international flight with you kids.

Throw away those regular adult pillows and give your kids something fun and adorable to play with. The Happy Nappers can easily go from a playing toy to a sleeping pillow and back again. As you know here on we are so much in to choosing pillows that are comfortable and these pillows definitely are that plus they are so adorable and plush how could any kid refuse to cuddle with them?

Don’t be surprised if you hear your kids going around singing the Happy Nappers song. With so much pain in the world today I am delighted to see kids being happy again. The Happy Nappers are always ready to either play with your kids or comfort them while they sleep. Who knew that a simple pillow could bring so much joy to a child’s life.

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