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The Luxurious Goose Down Pillow

goose down pillowAre you looking for a pillow that brings you not only soothing comfort but also supports your head, neck and shoulder luxuriously?

A high quality goose down pillow is able to combine softness, fluffiness and high thread count all rolled into one.  With the right fill and firmness you give yourself the best chance of having the best night sleep of your life.  You’ll be more relaxed, it will cradle your head like a hammock and you’ll wake up the next morning feeling brand new.

A good down manufacturer will always rinse the feathers and down many times to remove any dirt, dust and allergens that cause any sleeping discomfort.  Look for a goose down pillow that is hypoallergenic to help ease any allergic reactions.

Thread count is important when selecting your goose down pillows.  Thread count is the number of threads you’ll find in one square inch of fabric.  The higher the thread count, the finer the yarns used to make them.

A higher thread count goose down pillow provides you with better light and a much softer pillow for your sleeping enjoyment and comfort.  Also, a tighter woven fabric means that there is less chance of the feathers leaking out of the pillow.  You down pillows will last longer, be much more comfortable and easy to maintain.