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Purchasing Good Pillows

Good PillowsSo you’ve just went out and bought yourself a high-end bed and a nice comfortable pillow mattress.  While its good to invest in quality bedding its quite sad that so many people totally forget about investing in good pillows. If you want to absolutely increase your chances of having a good night sleep be sure to get you a good pillow.

Even when people do go pillow shopping they want to know what are good pillows to buy.  There is no best pillow but there is a pillow that is right for you.  However, there are some tips that you should adhere to as you go pillow shopping.

Good pillows are an interesting bedding item, they can definitely increase your sleeping enjoyment but if you hold on to them past their pillow shelf life they actually do more harm than good.  That’s right, the thing you place under your head each night has a shelf life and when worn out it can cause you to wake up feeling stiff and sore the next morning.

As with any bedding item it should be replaced when worn out.  Good pillows will generally last a few years if you take care of then and the less expensive ones may need to be replaced in little as six months.  In fact, if you plan to spend less than $30 for a pillow it would be much wiser to wait and save a little more money.

Cheap pillows are horrible as providing support and the comfort is usually non-existent.  When your pillow loses its bounce back then its probably time to go pillow shopping.  Fold the pillow in half and watch what happens.  If it returns to its original shape you’re probably OK but if it doesn’t its time to replace it.