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Choosing a gift for someone can sometimes be a chore and who would think a Snoogle pillow could be the ideal gift.  Snoogle pillows make great gifts for pregnant women who suffer from frequent leg cramps because it allows them to put the pillow under their head, around their back and between their legs.  It also so helps to keep women on their side, which is the position most doctors recommend for pregnant women.

This body pillow is the perfect give for both genders whether large or small.  The Snoogle pillow is large enough to support full-figured women as their large frame sinks comfortably in the pillow..    However, smaller women need not feel intimidated by the size because it also nestles them like a mother would her baby.  It can be maneuvered to help prop you up without any shifting throughout the night, which doesn’t happen with most standard sized pillows.

If you know someone who really enjoys his or her sleeping time this pillow is definitely worth the heftier price tag that it commands.  You can generally pick up one online for about fifty bucks so make sure you really like the person before you shell out that much money.  Sometimes finding them at local stores like Bed, Bath and Beyond or Babies R Us may be more of a challenge because they often sell out quickly especially around Christmas time.

The multi-functional Leachco Snoogle pillow is about as versatile pillow as you will find.  The lucky receiver of this gift will be able to use it on either side of their body, comfortably tuck it under their legs and even use it as a chair prop while watching TV.

So if you know someone who suffering from the agony of a bad night’s sleep you owe it to them to give them a gift they could really benefit from.  Chances they’ve heard of the Snoogle pillow but the price was not in their budget.  Don’t be surprised that once they try this pillow out they’ll end up calling, telling you they had best night sleep of their life.

The Snoogle pillow is soft, snuggly and big enough to accommodate two sleepers, maybe three if you include a small dog.  The cover washes up rather nicely and the pillow fits right back into the cover as if it had never left.

If you witness someone sneaking something into a public hotel in a big black plastic bag chances are it’s a Snoogle pillow.