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If you’ve suffer from frozen shoulder pain also known as adhesive capsulitis you know how painful it can be.  The disorder is caused by scarring and inflammation of the capsule that surrounds your shoulder joint.  The exact cause is not known and left untreated the symptoms will worsen as time goes on.  If chances of experiencing a frozen shoulder increases when your arm has been immobilized for an extended period of time.

It’s quite difficult to sit in a chair, drive a car, type on a computer or even get a good night sleep  with a frozen shoulder.  There are many different treatments for the disorder ranging from light stretching exercises to corticosteroid injections.  In very severe cases surgery maybe warranted to help loosen the joint capsule.  One of the best low cost methods of treating the shoulder is with a soft pillow.

Below are some tips for treating a frozen shoulder:

  1. Keep your arm elevated which reduces the pull of gravity on your shoulder and arm.  This will help to reduce unnecessary pain and inflammation.  It’s a fairly daunting task not to allow gravity to pull on your arm throughout the day but if you can pull it off it well worth it.
  2. Pain, inflammation and stiffness can always be reduced with the use of ice or heat packs.  The application of heat allows your arm to become more mobile by removing the stiffness.  You can also provide heat with a hot shower or sauna.  You will immediately feel relief once the heat has been applied.  A small ice pack applied for 20 minutes will help reduce swelling,  just remember to keep your arm elevated while doing so.
  3. This should appear obvious but avoid any heavy lifting especially overhead lifting.  The frozen shoulder can be unknowingly abused by simple daily tasks as lugging around a briefcase or carry laptop computers.  Try using the non-injured arm until the pain and inflammation has disappeared from the injured shoulder.
  4. As mentioned above, placing a comfortable pillow under your frozen shoulder at night will help reduce tension in your shoulder and rotator cuff.  The pillow help helps to keep the arm propped up in a neutral position which allows you to sleep comfortably at night.  Try to prevent yourself from compressing the injured shoulder while you sleep to prevent further stiffness and inflammation.  This will be a tall feat for you if you’re normally toss and turn throughout the night but it’s worth the effort if you want to not sleep less during the night.

frozen shoulder can last up to several years but usually dissipates with time.  The goal is to try to be as comfortable as possible until the symptoms are gone.  In addition to the tips mentioned above., a good mattress and bed pillow will go along way to restoring motion to your shoulder.  Always consult with your physician of the pain doesn’t subside as it may be a result of a more serious injury.