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The Prop Up Pillow – A God Send
prop up pillow

This is what I use my prop up pillow for and I must admit that it makes me extremely different than most of the other prop up pillow users.

I use it for several different reasons; however one reason is to alleviate the numbness I suffer with in my hand during the night.

Like too many others, I lost my health insurance with the loss of a job just prior to scheduling a surgery that would have removed most of the tremendous pain I endure.

Truthfully, the pain is significantly less during most waking hours; however during periods of sleep the pain is extremely intense.  My hand goes numb and the pain never fails to wake me.

After many sleepless nights I realized that depending on how my arm was positioned I could sleep longer periods with less numbness.   Once I discovered the prop up pillow through my sister-in-law, I was as good as cured.

I placed it sideways under my left side and raise my entire arm including my hand and it rarely goes numb resulting in sleep filled nights and great days.  Honestly, the only time it causes me pain anymore is when I have moved or rolled away from the pillow in my sleep.