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Have a seat, but not on the couch. Instead, try a floor pillow. Floor pillows are much sturdier than your average couch pillow or bed pillow, and can provide a unique, casual seating area for your home. They are great for homes with children and pets, and make effective use of space in smaller homes.

Floor pillows are not only a beautiful addition to any home, but are also useful. They come in many shapes and sizes, in a variety of materials. Some are made specifically for indoor use, but others are multifunctional and can be used outdoors as well. The best pillows are made of high quality, durable materials such as cotton, leather or polyester. Here are some of the best floor pillows on the market today:

1. Pottery Barn has a selection of floor pillows, including a multi-stripe outdoor floor pillow. That makes it easy for you to provide extra seating outdoors with a well-made floor pillow. Their pillow features a strong, weather-repellant fabric complete with colorful stripes. This hardy fabric is perfect for use during an outdoor party or gathering, which would look great indoors as well.

In addition, it is made with recycled polyester batting for an extra comfortable and eco-friendly feel. The piping and tufting are high quality features that give this Pottery Barn floor pillow flair. The colorful red, green, orange, blue, white and black stripes would be great for adding color in the living room. Cleaning is easy, with a damp cloth and allowing the pillow to air dry.

2. Crate & Barrel provides floor pillows in leather, which is a durable fabric perfect for indoor use. The pillow is available in saddle (brown), olive or buff colors, all of which are neutral enough to match any d├ęcor. The leather has a polished sheen, and features piping, tufting and even a handle on the side, making it easy to move from room to room. Measuring 20 inches square, the Crate & Barrel floor pillow has polyester filling and a cotton underside. To clean the material, all you need is a damp cloth! The leather is a durable material that should last for many years.

3. West Elm sells a unique floor pillow cover made from wool and cotton. The pillow is decorated with a beautiful chevron pattern, which is hand-woven by a pair of artisans working on an antique loom. Made from 85% wool and 15% cotton, the West Elm floor pillow cover comes in two colors: slate (gray) and natural. It measures 26 inches square, and does not come with the pillow itself. The pleasing chevron pattern is a bold design made from knots, which meet in the middle. The pillow cover should be spot cleaned as needed.

Floor pillows are an easy way to add extra seating in your home, without taking up much room or breaking the budget. In addition, with all the different textures, materials and sizes available, floor pillows can add a stylish touch inside the home or outdoors.