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Taking a power nap or sleeping through the night on an airplane can be a challenge.  But families who travel frequently equip themselves with an airplane pillow to get a satisfactory snooze and you can too.

Below are five reasons why families love their airplane pillow:

Don’t Have To Lug Around A Full Size Pillow

Sobakawa buckwheat pillows are nice but they weigh almost 3 lbs.  The airplane pillow may not match the consistent support of the Sobakawa but its much smaller in weight and size which makes it easy to carry on and off the plane.  It’s thin and when rolled up its so small that it can fit into an average sized ladies purse.

The Airplane Pillow Inflates Easily

In less than 3 full puffs of air the TravelRest Inflatable Travel Pillow is inflated and ready to nestle your head for a long comfortable flight.  No more using your neighbor for a convenient headrest on a 6-hour flight.