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A night of restful sleep is one of the major keys to optimal health.  In fact, sleep experts purport that the ability to sleep peacefully at night ranks right up there with a good diet.  One sleep item to help you doze off peacefully is an eye pillow.  Eye pillows made of nice silk fabric are a welcome retreat from the stressors of life.  These pillows can provide you with total darkness and a soft and gentle pressure that can be quite relaxing.

An eye pillow is designed to help your eye muscles relax which in turn helps to quiet your brain.  Once the mind is quiet you will be able to relax much easier and faster.  Eye pillows will also help block out the light while you sleep.  Research has shown that sleeping in nighttime darkness helps to promote healthy blood levels of the hormone called melatonin.  Healthy levels of melatonin can significantly suppress the growth of breast tumors.

You can either make your own eye pillow or purchase one online for $10-$15.  If you decide to make your own be sure you choose a fabric that is suitable to your eyes.  Stay away from scratchy or rough fabrics and choose instead soft silk or satin fabrics. 

The nice thing about eye pillows is that they can to accommodate different temperatures.  For example, if you have a headache perhaps you’ll want to place your eye pillow in the freezer for about 15 minutes and then gently place it over your eyes for instant pain relief.   The pillows can also be heated in the microwave for a few minutes and then placed over the eyes for pure relaxation and rejuvenation.

Eye pillows are generally 3-4 inches wide and 6-8 inches in length.  Many people use the larger sized pillows for sinus relief.  An aromatherapy eye pillow often contains flaxseed and a blend of herbs.  Flaxseed is the ideal stuffing because the disc shaped seeds are quite smooth and very light weight.  The flaxseed filled pillow lies down flat across your face and there are no pointy edges to poke you in the eye while you’re trying to relax or go to sleep.

The next important consideration for your eye pillow is the selection of herbs.  Since the herbs can only be experience through your sense of smell you’ll want to choose a scent that is pleasant to you.  For pure relaxation and joy try chamomile, lavender or passionflower.  Try a medicinal scent like camphor or eucalyptus if you’re looking for sinus relief.  If you’d like a mid-day pick-me-up that is energizing choose a peppermint or lemongrass scent.

An eye pillow is a wonderful sleeping tool that can help you alleviate stress or migraines.  The gentle weight of the pillow leads to an instant feeling of ease and relaxation.  This pillow will help calm your nerves while also helping you obtain a good night sleep.  This is one of the best pillows for insomniacs.  Try eye pillows when you desire to ease your daily stress and recuperate quicker from nagging headaches.