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While standard pillows used in America are of a rectangular shape, a Euro pillow is completely square and they have become quite popular over the last few years. Typically used as decoration in American homes, these pillows are oftentimes found in hotels as well because of their decorative beauty. The pillows are quite versatile, which is another reason they have become so popular. They are found everywhere, from hotels to bedrooms and living rooms to home libraries, the pillows have made a mark on the modern interior decoration world.

A Euro pillow’s square shape measures usually 26 inches by 26 inches. By contrast, an American pillow measures 20 inches by 26 inches, which is what gives this type of pillow its familiar rectangular shape.  While in other countries the Euro pillow is used for sleeping, in the United States, they are used in most cases for decoration only, especially when a day bed or other decorative bed is used. They can be used in place of a headboard as well, since they are so large. Euros tend to stand out because their 26 inches square make them taller than any other pillow, which is also what makes them a great backdrop against other decorative pillows and other bedding.

These pillows can come in numerous designs and also can be covered with shams of which come in various designs as well, such as denim, floral, paisley, plaid and others in addition to various textures, which makes these great for using in another popular place in the home; the living room. The pillows come in numerous colors and can be matched to the decorum of the room no matter what the color.