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An ergonomic pillow is a very versatile pillow whether you are looking for a pillow to help with back support or maintaining good posture while sitting in a chair at work or at home.  You may hear it referred to as a chair pillow, reading pillow, back pillow or a wedge pillow as these names are often used interchangeably.  These pillows are definitely therapeutic in nature and you will often see them used by someone who is trying to rehabilitate himself or herself.

In fact the word ergonomic is defined as a task, system, job, or product that will assist the individual’s needs, limitations and abilities by the International Ergonomics Association.  In a nutshell the ergonomic pillow is a way to help you to be more efficient in your daily life.  If the ergonomic pillow helps you to have better posture there’s a good bet that you will remain healthier and therefore be more productive at work and home.

You will find many of the ergonomic pillows on the market today are made with the much denser memory foam.  This allows for better distribution of pressure and better cradling of the head and neck.  These pillows are equally effective whether you are a back, side or stomach sleeper.  They come in different shapes and sizes and most of the pillows used in an office setting is usually shaped in the form of a wedge.  You strapped to the back of your office chair to fill in the space between your chair and the small of your back.

There is also a travel ergonomic pillow that is mainly designed to wrap around your neck which helps to keep your head in a comfortable sleeping position while in cramped spaces on long flights are car rides.  These pillows help to induce better sleep at night as well as reducing stress, which make them quite popular among individuals who are disabled.

Other popular uses of the ergonomic pillow are while reading books, playing video games, feeding small children or watching television.  If you are trying to create a user-friendly office or home then consider checking out some of the ergonomic pillows on the market.  There are many different options you have to create ergonomic living for a healthier lifestyle and the ergonomic pillow is a great place to start.

Choosing the right pillow should not be taken lightly where optimal health is concerned.  It helps with both your mental and physical capacities while also keeping you comfortable whether you are engaged in leisure or work activities.  Remember you have a lot of control when it comes down to reducing pain in your back, neck, and shoulders with the right pillow in hand.