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Elderly Sleep

elderly sleepCan elderly people get buy on less sleep?  Many people believe that as one gets up in age they need less sleep at night.  Elderly sleep is an interesting subject.  Do you remember you were younger and your grandfather, no matter what time you seem to wake up, was already up?  Not only that, but he had done all sorts of chores around the house.  Did he just need less sleep than you or did he do a better job at managing his elderly sleep?

Chances are your grandfather went to bed no later than 10 PM. Assuming he was able to sleep throughout the night without his sleep being interrupted and got up at 5 AM, that adds up to 7 hours of elderly sleep.  It is not likely that he slept the entire night however.  The Harvard Medical School Guide to a Good Nights Sleep indicates that elderly people are awakened during the night for a variety of reasons.  The reality is that your grandfather probably got closer to 6 hours of elderly sleep.