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Down Pillows – Sink Into Luxury

down pillowsWhen you know the right way to buy down pillows it will make all the difference in how you sleep.  Just because you buy a down pillow doesn’t mean you’ve got your hands on a good one.  Discover how to buy your down pillows right and it will add to your sleeping enjoyment.

The major types of all-natural down pillows are goose down and duck down.  Down is located beneath the more rough feathers of the goose or duck and are soft clustered fibers.  It’s very lightweight, which make them an excellent fill for your bed pillows.

When you buy a down pillow it will either be 100% down or mixed with both feathers and down.  Down is a very warm fiber and there are also different grades of down.  Keep in mind the more down your pillow has the more expensive it will be.  One thing that tends to keep some people away from down pillows is the price.

Differences in Down Pillows

  • Goose Down Pillows: Goose down is perhaps the most popular and commands the highest price.  It’s a better insulator and you can buy blankets, duvets, comforters and pillows with this filling.
  • Duck Down Pillows: Duck down is less expensive than Goose down and not quite as good of an insulator.  Duck down has also been know to retain its odor longer but its recommended that all down be aired out prior to using it.
  • Elder Down Pillows: Elderdown comes from the elder duck and is the most light and most expensive of all the downs.  You mostly find this type of down in very high-end bedding.  Iceland is one of the largest producers of Elderdown.