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Pillow may be defined as cushions which are generally used to rest the head and neck while we sleep. However, decorative pillows have changed the definition of pillows as they are not only used for the comfort factor but are also used as a decorative item.

Decorative pillows assist in enhancing the decor of any room as its use is not restricted to the bedroom. Use of decorative pillows brings in certain amount of liveliness to the whole interior, as also, they provide comfort to the one using it. There are wide arrays of such pillows available in the market. The distinction between different decorative pillows can be made based on their design, size, color, shape, fabric etc.

Different designs:

Decorative needlepoint pillows – These pillows have neat carved out edges and pointed corners. Although the shape of this product cannot be fiddled with much but the colour, design, size, texture etc can be altered and customised;

Contemporary decorative pillows – The name says it all, this product mends well with the modern interior design and is alternatively known as modern decorative pillows. Contemporary pillows are very popular and are always in high demand. They accentuate the interior of any room and make it more appealing and inviting. Unlike needlepoint pillows this variety of pillow may have different kind of shape; it can be circular, cylindrical, oval, rectangular etc.

Decorative pillows are available in fabric like silk, cotton, linen, satin, velvet and even leather. Fabric may be chosen depending on the purpose and the decor, if one is taking it for everyday use then cotton should be preferred as this fabric can be washed and is relatively the most comfortable one. On the other hand, if the pillow is to be used during some special occasion then silk, velvet or satin may be selected as they look rich and elegant.

Based on the selection criteria mentioned above, the shape of the pillow may also be decided. For e.g. a square shaped one if for daily use is an uncommon shape should be used on rare occasions. However, the shape of the pillow may also be decided depending on the shape of the furniture on which the same will be placed. An oval shaped pillow might not look good on a rectangular couch and likewise.

These pillows have different type of patterns like striped, dotted, plain, checked etc. Using different pattern in different rooms of the house might give each room a different look.

Embroidered pillows are also available in the market where the embroidery design may be simple dots, animals, fruits, flowers, different themes or they may even have some words embroidered on them. Some pillows are sophisticated and have either sequin or beads in different pattern embossed on them. The embroidery may be selected depending on the interior of the place.

Colour of the pillows may be decided on the basis of the colour scheme of the room where the pillows would be kept. Dark coloured pillows would add warmth to the environment whereas light coloured pillows would make the room look bright.

One can even stitch this type of pillow at home or it can be purchased from any furnishing or home decor store. Online shopping is also possible. Decorative pillows do not cost much and really helps in decorating the house and should be somehow incorporated in your overall decorating scheme.