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If you’re a bit of a sleep comfort fanatic and money is of no problem for you then the Comfort pillow by Tempurpedic may be just the item that you have been searching for.  Over the years the Tempurpedic mattress has received considerably favorable reviews but what about the pillow?  This pillow does use the same viscoelastic memory foam found in the Tempurpedic mattress so that’s a good start.

This pillow has the capability of having you fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer.  Regular pillows will depress after repeated use and no amount of fluffing will bring back the loft that you once enjoyed when it was new.  This is not the case with the Comfort pillow, it gently nurtures your head by conforming to the shape of your head and neck.  Because it doesn’t go flat when you place your head on it, you get the consistent support and comfort that you desire.

You’ll feel much more rested when you wake up because the pillow has allowed you to get a better quality of sleep.  Once you place your head on the pillow you will immediately know that the Tempurpedic Comfort pillow is not your standard pillow.  With the right pillow under your head it’s possible to feel like you’ve gotten more sleep than you actually have when your sleep quality has improved.

The memory cells in the Comfort pillow actually mold to the shape of your head and neck, this is just like having your own customized pillow.  Tempurpedic’s patented technology is designed not to transfer motion as you sleep.  What this means is that means is that if you have a partner who likes to get up in the middle of the night your sleep will remained undisturbed.  The pillows are made of a hypoallergenic material that repels dust mites, an allergen that causes problems for people with allergies.

The Comfort pillow although great in many aspects does not come without some negatives.  The queen size version is $125 and the king size runs about $25 more.  That’s a lot of money to fork over for a pillow but remember this is not a pillow for you if you’re on a tight budget.  The pillow is also remarkably heavy weighing in anywhere from 8 -12 pounds depending on the size you get. The pillow also may be a little too firm and too heavy for your sleeping enjoyment.  The Tempurpedic viscoelastic foam has the tendency to heat up during use causing some users to sweat so take this into consideration before your decide to buy.

Viscoelastic foam is not a new material as NASA used it to help absorb the forces that astronauts would experience during the space shuttle’s take-off back in the 70’s.  The foam’s superior foam design helps better support your neck and head which allows you to get a better quality of sleep.

If you already own a Tempurpedic mattress and enjoy the comfort this will pillow will be an ideal match.  The Comfort pillow allows your head to sink in just enough so that you enjoy a comfortable sleeping position.  Again, this pillow is not for everyone but if you’re ok with the price and a few possible downsides this is a good pillow that can quickly improve your overall sleep quality.