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Yes, the chiropractic pillow is really shaped like a bone and yes it is really colorful and comfy and a good neck support pillow.  There could be many causes if you suffer from neck pain and almost everyone will have at least one episode of neck pain during their lifetime.

Whether your pain is intrinsic meaning the pain is derived from inside the neck or extrinsic meaning the pain is caused by an outside source you probably need relief like yesterday.  The chiropractic pillow fits right to the curve of your neck and the handle loops make it easy for grabbing as your neck rests comfortably on the soft fabric.

If you’re feeling any numbness, tingling, sharp shooting pains, tenderness, pulsations, dizziness, difficulty swallowing, swishing sounds in your head, lightheadedness or gland swelling the chiropractic pillow may be the low cost solution to alleviate the above symptoms.  For severe and chronic neck pain you should always seek the advice of a physician.