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One pillow that you might consider if you are suffering from a migraine headache is the Chiroflow pillow.  Chiropractors around the world have made it the recommended cervical pillow for their patients.

The Chrioflow water based pillow has been proven through clinical studies to improve quality of sleep.  It improves how fast the patient falls asleep.  It lowers how few times the patient wakes up once the patient has fallen asleep.  It also improves overall quality of sleep for the patient.

The Chrioflow pillow features a hypoallergenic fiber filling that helps restore your energy, freshen your appearance and sooth your daily stress.   A higher quality of sleep let’s you look and feel better.

It’s been clinically proven that the Chiro pillow reduces neck pain.  Restore your energy by reducing the negative effects of fatigue.  It can help freshen your appearance because enhanced sleep helps to rejuvenate the skin which reduces wrinkles.