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Pillows can be hot.  The materials they are made of can sometimes trap heat around the face and head making them uncomfortable.  Many times sleep is disturbed as people wake up and flip over their pillows to get a cool surface.  This is where the Chillow Pillow comes in.  It is one of the new stay cold pillows out on the market today.  These keep cool pillows are made using innovative new designs and materials.  The chillow pillow review has been positive and complimentary of both the design and results.

The chillow pillow works using water to dissipate the heat that is absorbed from the body.  This allows the person sleeping on it to remain cool and dry.  Since the Chillow pillow stays cool so does the person sleeping on it.  Staying cool means the person does not wake up due to the need to flip over the pillow secondary to heat build up.  The innovative technology is powerless.  The pillow is activated only once and continues to work through the life of the pillow.

The Chillow pillow review states that the use of Soothsoft technology produces a dry, gentle cooling effect.  Unlike electrical powered devices the effect is not over powering or too cool but is subtle and steady.  The pillow draws heat away from the body and leaves the pillow surface cool and dry.  It can be used alone or with a standard pillow.  

Chillow pillows come in three different sizes. The original Chillow pillow fits a standard pillow and measures 13.5 x 20.5 x .625″.  Average retail cost is around thirty five dollars.  It does not have to be refrigerated and can be used alone or with a pillow.  The Chillow pillow review for the plus model states that it offers a double cooling membrane that keeps the pillow even cooler.  It also fits a standard pillowcase and cosst around forty five dollars.  The Chillow mini can be used as a travel pillow or to bring cooling relief to small areas like the lower back or ankle.

The Chillow pillow makes a great gift item.  Since they don’t need to be plugged up they can be carried and used anywhere.  They are really nice on trips when you are already sleeping in unfamiliar environments.  Having you Chillow pillow will leave you at ease knowing you will be able to sleep comfortably and stay cool. Take a couple on your camping trip.  Use one under your feet and the other under your head and you will get a wonderful cool nights sleep and wake up refreshed and ready to go.