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Do you have a deep cleaning ritual that generally occurs in the springtime?  Oftentimes when people start to clean cobwebs from their ceiling fans they often forget to change pillows.  There are many advantages to replacing your bed pillow that are essential to your overall health.

Just throwing those pillowcases in some hot soapy water is not enough.  Your pillow should be replaced at the bare minimum on a yearly basis.  Let’s be honest, most of you don’t even air out or fluff your pillow on a regular basis.  After repeated use your pillow soaks up body oils, fragrances and hair and this becomes a breeding grounding for airborne allergens such as dust mites.

The Pillow Foundation purports that your bed pillows contain an enormous amount of fungal spore that breaks down and weakens your immune system.  They also claim that synthetic pillows contain as much as five times more fecal matter than feather pillows.

Is the presence of these microscopic creatures something you need to be concerned with?  Not hardly, but it is a good idea to keep your bedroom aired out and as sanitary as possible, particularly if you already suffer from any type of breathing or upper respiratory problems.

When you change pillows often you help prevent the buildup of dust mites, bacteria and molds that aggravate chronic allergies.  In addition to replacing your bed pillows every 6 to 12 months you should also use a pillow protector to help extend the life.

So having a nice fresh pillow is not only good for support but also helps to improve your overall health and reduce asthma and allergy symptoms.  A quick method that is a good indication that your pillow might need replacing is to fold it in half.  If your pillow fails to bounce back to its original shape then its definitely time to go pillow shopping.

Even the most minimal maintenance of your bed pillows can have a positive impact on your body’s health.  Not only will you sleep better but will help reduce your incidence of common migraine headaches, back pain and neck strains.  The older your pillow the less support it provides in addition to having those unwanted dust mites.

Did you know that your pillow could double in weight after several years use?  When dust mites and fecal settle in your pillow it causes it to weigh more.  Typically a standard pillow will weigh on average about 10 ounces.  Replacing your pillow is the simplest way to get rid of the dust mites but you can also wash your pillow to help alleviate the problem.  Most pillows are machine washable.

Your bedroom should be your sanctuary, a place where you relieve yourself of the day’s stress.  Don’t mar that experience by forgetting to change pillows.  Changing bedding is a chore and can also be expensive depending on how much you’re willing to spend.  A good idea is to replace high-maintenance bedding such as comforters and blankets with the kind that is machine washable.  Just remember nothing is more important than your health.