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Causes of Insomnia

causes of insomnia

I hope this article will help clear up a very important subject on the importance of getting enough sleep.  After reading this article you may be surprised to learn about one of the biggest causes of insomnia.

In my opinion, you can have the best diet in the world, work out religiously and be totally free from emotional stress but if you fail to get enough sleep you won’t feel healthy.  Getting enough sleep on one of the most important things you can do to achieve optimal health in your life.

There are many different sleep disorders but perhaps the most significant one is insomnia, or said another way, your inability to get a quality’s night sleep.  One of the insomnia causes is a rather new term called cognitive popcorn.  Cognitive popcorn is nothing more than an anxious brain that rarely sleeps.

When you bed down at night and try to go to sleep and your mind begins to wonder and produce all types of unwanted thoughts you are experiencing cognitive popcorn.  These are very profound, unwanted and uncontrollable thoughts that literally seem to have a mind of their own.  This is a common problem among millions that may also be keeping you awake at night.

As you go through your day your body should be peaking towards sleepiness.  This means that the closer you get to bedtime your body should naturally be gravitating towards getting a good nights sleep.  However, what big problem that you many people experience is this thing called noise.  Lots of noise causes insomnia and can prevent you from getting adequate sleep.  Noise can occur on three different levels, the mind, the body and your bed environment.

The biggest type of mind noise is cognitive popcorn.  These are the type of types mentioned earlier that are not easy to stop and the flow through your mind all through the night.  Body noise are often due to so type of pain or discomfort that you may experience for a number of different reasons.

It may be pain caused by improper bedding such as bad pillows are mattresses that are inferior.  Body noise may also be caused because of indigestion problems, too much caffeine consumed during the day or side effects of prescribed drugs or medicines.  Environmental bed noise usually results from TV’s that have been left on, outside traffic noise, loud snoring from a partner, too much light, a temperature that is too hot or too cold and music.

Thus in order to eliminate or curtail the causes of insomnia and get a good night sleep you need to make sure the noise level is kept to a minimum.  Your reasons for insomnia are not a lack of sleepiness but rather one of excessive noise.  To increase your chances of getting the best sleep possible consider doing the following.

Keep your bedroom as dark as possible.  Do not bring TV’s into your bedroom at all.  Consider buying an anti-snoring pillow if one partner has a snoring problem.  Keep your bedroom at a comfortable sleeping temperature that is regulated by a thermostat.  Do not drink caffeinated drinks at least 3 hours before going to bed.

If you make the above simple changes you will keep your insomnia to a dull roar and be able to enjoy one of the best night’s sleep of your life.  There are many other causes of insomnia but if you implement just the few that we’ve mentioned here you’ll enjoy a better night’s sleep.