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Can You Make A CPAP Pillow?

Can You Make a CPAP PillowCan You Make a CPAP Pillow at Home?? Yes, you can make it very easily at home. The pillow is very important if you are unable to sleep well using the CPAP mask. It can help you to improve your sleep and get up relaxed in the morning.

Instead of using a normal pillow which can be quite difficult to position your head while using the mask, make your own pillow and sleep well. Since the mask and the tubing are bulky they may slip out of your face when you tilt your head.

This can cause the air to leak from the mask making it not work properly. So the best solution is to make your own pillow which can help you to use the mask properly.

Some of the materials required for making the pillow include a measuring tape, four-inch thick foam rubber sheeting, scissors and a marker etc. First, measure the foam rubber sheeting to about 16 by 24 inches and cut it accordingly.

Then you have to position the rubber sheeting on your bed. Lie on it in such a way that the back of your head is positioned on top of the foam and your shoulders touch the lower end of the foam. Using the marker mark the area where your head is placed and the area where the neck ends and the head contour starts.

Next, wear the mask and the tubing. Turn your head in a comfortable position to the right and mark the area of your cheeks. Also mark the area where the tubing and the mask lie. Do this for the left side also.

After marking you have to carve the foam using the scissors. Carve out the foam carefully and remember not to cut all the way through it. The top layer has to be carved to make a ‘pothole’ impression where your head was placed. Do not carve the neck area as it is required to provide proper support to your neck. Check the carved space by placing your head in the pothole and modify it accordingly.

If required you can also carve the area of the mask and cheek. You can also remove the area completely where the mask lies. Do this for both the sides. Once the carving and positioning are done, insert the foam into a pillow case and sew the open end. Remember not to sew the end tightly, leave some extra space so that you can easily turn about with your mask on. Now relax and stop worrying about how can you make a CPAP pillow.