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The Bucky pillow goes for about $29.99 and can be used in the car or on the plane.  They’re made from natural buckwheat hulls and can even be microwaved for about thirty seconds to give your neck some extra comfort.  The have been touted as the most huggable and downright travel pillow on the market.

If your interested in comfort on the plane and your forced to fly coach then you’ll probably want to try a Bucky pillow around your head.  You simply put it around your head and it keeps your head from tilting.  If you decide you want to take a nap then be sure to pick up a pair of the Bucky 40 Blinks Eye Mask.

This is no lightweight pillow and its not designed to be.  It’s big, heavy so that it provides your neck and head with the kind of support you need.  If you’re looking for a softer pillow for travel then you might want to investigate an inflatable travel pillow.  The Bulky pillow is great for traveling or just relaxing on the couch.