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A buckwheat pillow has many benefits and one of the most important is that you can open the zipper front and adjust the number of buckwheat hulls in the pillow for your personal comfort.  The loose hulls also allow you to adjust the pillow just where you need it to fit.  For instance, if you’ve got some pain in your neck or head area the pillow can easily contour to the exact shape of your head for optimal pain relief.

The buckwheat hulls are all natural and have been used as fillings in pillows in Japan for a few centuries.  With increased awareness of how effective the buckwheat pillow is at alleviating neck pain these pillows are in high demand.  You can usually pick up a 2 pound of buckwheat hulls for less than $10 including shipping and handling.

If you live in a state such as Texas where that have smoldering and humid summers the buckwheat pillow can come in handy.  You can actually place the pillow in your freezer for several hours and it becomes an over sized icepack.  It almost feels like your sleeping on ice so it’s best to put a bath towel over it to give you a bit of separation. The average weight of a buckwheat pillow is about three pounds so it should maintain the coolness for a couple of hours.

A good buckwheat pillow will run you anywhere from$40 to $80 depending on where you decide to purchase it.  The cost will vary depending on whether the pillow you purchase has organic or non-organic stuffing and covering.  Although not the cheapest or most expensive pillows you can buy they can easily last up to ten years.  If you compare this to other pillows that you end up placing after one or two years these pillows turn out to be quite economical.

Buckwheat pillows are dust-mite resistant because bugs are simple not attracted to hulls because they can’t eat it.  It’s a very clean pillow and there are not of complaints about consumers having an allergic reaction to the hulls or the cotton.

When choosing a buckwheat hull pillow make sure they are organically grown domestic hulls as to avoid chemical fumigation of imported hulls.  Don’t opt for the cheaper fabrics as they are not as comfortable nor last as long.  Choose a pillow with a quality zipper so it can accommodate additional hulls if you decide to add them at a later date.  The covering is machine washable but should never allow the hulls to get wet as they will mold.

If you tired of tossing and turning at night because your regular pillow is not getting the job done we highly suggest you check out the buckwheat pillow to help your muscles relax so you’ll be able to fall asleep faster.