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Buckwheat Pillow Review

Buckwheat Pillow reviewThe buckwheat pillow hulls are all natural and environmentally friendly and they have been used to stuff pillows for more than one thousand years.  The word Sobakawa is a Japanese word that means buckwheat hulls or husks.

The Sobakawa buckwheat hull pillow has become very popular because it helps to relieve muscle tension in the body; lower and upper back pain, migraine headaches and neck pain.  The buckwheat pillow review provides and in depth analysis of the pillow itself.

You get the ancient secret of the Orient combined with state of art technology when you buy a Sobakawa pillow.  There appears to be something very therapeutic about the buckwheat hulls that fill the inside of the pillow.  Buckwheat hulls are grown and harvested in both Canada and the Northern part of the United States.

Unlike many other pillow fillings buckwheat hulls do not compress as they are being slept on.  In fact, the pillow does just the opposite by conforming to the exact shape of the user’s head and neck while maintaining excellent support.  Long after many have discarded their standard flat pillows the Sobakawa Buckwheat Hull Pillow will still have all of its functionality.