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Sleeping troubles are a common complaint from people of all ages. Many solutions are proposed by physicians and marketers, from pills to fancy mattresses, from soothing white noise machines to fine bedding with high thread count.

One factor in the sleeping equation that is often overlooked is the pillow, but the right pillow can make a world of difference between tossing and turning and drifting off peacefully, to wake well-rested the next morning ready to face a new day.

The wide variety of pillows available can make choosing more confusing, and everyone has a favorite variety they will hold to; some prefer down-filled pillows, others fiberfill, or foam, either regular or memory foam; the stuffing varies as much as the outer material, shape, and size. But one kind of pillow favored loyally by nearly everyone who has ever used one is the buckwheat husk pillow, and for good reason.