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Breast Feeding Pillow Sensation
breast feeding pillow

A new baby brings with it many new responsibilities for mom.  The mother’s ultimate goal is to help ensure that this little one that is totally dependent on her grow up healthy.

Perhaps one of the most crucial aspects of ensuring that the baby grows up healthy is feeding.  Breast-feeding is a very important topic and should be given more than a cursory glance.

There are many different ways to breast feed your child.  You could use a u-shaped body pillow, a regular bed pillow, a large stuffed animal, a rolled up towel or a cushion from your sofa.  However, one of the most practical and easy to use products on the market is the My Brest Friend breast feeding pillow.

The challenge with most devices that a mom tries to use to breast-feed is that they fail in helping the baby maintain its feeding latch.  The first thing a mother must do is to get their baby to open its mouth wide enough to make the latch.

Next, the mom must quickly pull the baby to her breast once the mouth is open.  Then the mom must make sure that her baby’s lips covers about one inch of the areola that is just behind the nipple.  If everything goes according to plan the mom shouldn’t experience any pain.  As you can see there is an art to breast-feeding and a breast feeding pillow can make a mother’s job much easier.