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Breast Feeding Pillow

breast feeding pillowBreast-feeding is a cheaper and healthier way of feeding your child and breast feeding pillow is the ideal tool to help you accomplish such a task.  No need to pile up blankets anymore to get the baby propped up.  The breast feeding pillow simple wraps around the mother’s waist and there’s a belt that clips secures the pillow.

When the baby is brought to the mom the baby has no problems getting to the mother’s breast and the mother will have no trouble holding the baby with the right pillow.  Mothers who have just given birth through a C-section or moms who are not very well will crave the convenience of this pillow.

Breast milk is not just food, its also water and medicine.  If your baby is coming down with the flu or a cold they will want to nurse more frequently and without a nursing pillow this can be quite taxing on the mother who’s trying to hold the baby up 10-12 times every day.

Using a baby-feeding pillow gets your newborn in just the right position to latch securely onto your breast, which makes nursing a cinch.  Even if you decide not to breast feed your baby the breast feeding pillow will still put the baby in a more comfortable position for him or her to receive their bottle.

The breast feeding pillow can help to eliminate neck, shoulder and back strain, these are often the physical challenges associated with breast-feeding.  The contoured shape and back strap helps to keep the baby securely in place.  The pillow is very easy to strap-on and can easily be used by the father, brother, sister or even the grandmother.

The covers are machine washable and come in a variety of colors such as purple, pink or blue.  This plush pillow is covered in a stain resistant fabric and perfect for feeding twins or preemies whether they are breast or bottle-fed.  You can even invest in an extra pillow for additional back support.

All babies do not like feeding from the same position and the breast feeding pillow allows you and your baby to feel comfortable whether the feeding position be cradle, rugby or the lying down position.

Breast-feeding can be awkward at first and a breast feeding pillow allows you and your baby to comfortably experiment with different positions until you find the right one.  It properly supports the baby’s trunk and head, which allows you to freely guide the baby’s mouth to either one of your breasts.  Breast feeding is a very rewarding experience of bonding with the little one and a breast feeding pillow only makes the challenge of doing a much simpler process.